Anforderungen an und Aufgaben des Qualitätsmanagers (QMB) von morgen

Quality management is facing new challenges. The level of demands has been raised further and further, and not just by increasing competition or consistent customer focus .

(The term) quality has also become or will become a self-evident feature of companies, so that quality is actually nothing special anymore and in the future companies will have to assume that certain things do not have to be specifically requested or requested by the customer. In the course of this, The job profile and role of the quality manager and quality management representative ( QMB ) will also change.

The following requirements will characterize a quality manager in the future. The individual tasks of a quality manager and QMB, for example, will not only be limited to pure auditing , changing quality management systems or process improvements, but effective control of company development through strategic management qualities will be one of the main tasks that quality managers and QMBs will devote themselves to in the future .

You, as a quality manager or QMB of tomorrow, should:

  • have the necessary knowledge, methods , models and skills and use them as needed to efficiently and effectively support your company management in systematic and strategic corporate development
  • act in an assessing and advisory manner on planned innovations.
  • Combine your knowledge of quality management with the ability to initiate and control change processes in your company
  • be able to  build and continuously develop a process-oriented management system based on key figures
  • as an internal consultant
  • have an awareness of interactions and teams in your company and assume the role of a team leader
  • If necessary, you can also lead change projects as a project manager or accompany change processes in your company. In summary, it can be said that a quality manager must improve his management and leadership skills, receive more in-depth training in topics such as organizational development and corporate strategy, and acquire additional specialist knowledge with a view to future activities in consulting, design and team leadership. Non-technical disciplines are becoming more and more important, and soft skills and change management skills are even more important for you so that you can do a good job.

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